Internet Philatelic Dealers Association IPDA Stamps

The IPDA is a non-profit organization which was formed by a group of individuals with the main intention to allow stamp collectors to safely trade and interact with confidence. By becoming a member of the Association and trading under a set code of ethics, we are strengthening the bond between the internet stamp collecting and dealing community. Our name is now beginning to be known and respected throughout the online stamp collecting community. Members who trade under the IPDA banner are fully committed to promoting philately on the internet.


All of our members are respected Internet Philatelic Traders, you can deal with them with confidence.
If you are an Internet philatelic dealer, or sell stamps via an online auction we would welcome your application to become a member.


Membership of the IPDA is open to full-time or part-time “internet based stamp dealers”; employees / principals representing a philatelic company; “power sellers” and philatelists who have recently established a web site and have started or plan to start selling stamps online or through an e-store with an established auction site.

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