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Public Chat Room
Rules and Guidance

Chat application       Converse via the IPDA chat with other stamp collectors and dealers

Click 'Chat now', enter a user name and 'connect'
No password is required

The Chat application is open 24 / 7
In general, there is usally someone in the room at around 7pm US Eastern time

To check when this is in other countries, please check our time zones page

The rules for this chat site are intended to make it safe for all users and have been kept as simple as possible.

Some rules are inteded mainly for the protection of younger visitors but are also good advice for all to bear in mind

  1. THINK before you reply to a post
    Remember that the way you read a comment may not always be the way it was intended

  2. Avoid the use of swear words
    Remember that children may be in the group or may read the messages later.
    If this is not controlled a filter will be put in place

  3. NO abusive language or threats
    You will be removed and may be banned

  4. Use common sense
    Remember, it's just chat.
    Any problems inform a parent and get them to contact us

  5. Let us know if there is a problem
    Moderators are clearly indicated with their usernames.
    Feel free to let them know if you have any concerns

  6. Ignore a user
    Don't worry about tactfulness
    if you feel threatened by someone, simply Ignore that user
    Again, feel free to let a director know if you have any concerns

  7. Be careful
    People aren't always who they say they are. It's easy to create a false image on a chat site

  8. Safeguard your personal information
    People only know what you tell them.
    Avoid giving out information like your name, age, picture, phone number, or address.
    Even if you only occasionally reveal private details, a determined user can assemble these pieces into a complete profile.