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The IPDA website updates

The following is a list of the most recent updates made to the site

 Item details / description
20 November 2016    Penny Black and Two Pence Blues plates section updated
Members links checked
Language of stamps section updated
11 November 2016    News archive updated with new items
20 October 2016    Updates made to the chat application
Fully tested
This should make the running easier
30 September 2016    All links checked
Small alterations made in the members area
21 September 2016    New item added to the news section
Archive fully updated
September 2016    Public chat room checked after several issues were reported
Full checking of the code section
Retored and now fully operational again
July 2016    Addition made to the members library
April 2016    Back end code updated
Various minor changes to some pages
16 March 2016    Updates made to language of stamps pages
February 2016    New additions made to the members library
25 January 2016    All external links checked and updated as required
External links moved to their own new page and a link added to the home page menu bar. Original page altered to remove the now duplicated items
24 January 2016    Converted the entire web evaluation page into an interactive form where users can rate the site using the sections as laid out by the FIP
Additional page added to move the scores to the database and show the average score and display the star rating that the site has achieved to this point
Various options tried on the background colour for the site resulting in a pale pastel yellow being in place at this point
23 January 2016    Entire new menu system and buttons created for the main page
Menu all implimented
Sub section populated on the new menu
Many items removed from the main page that are now on the menu
Some text size, spacing and layout slightly altered
The entire main page for the site is now a single less cluttered page
17 July 2015    Italian section of the Philatelic Translator updated with information supplied by Lorenzo Mantegna
The IPDA is grateful for this extensive review and ammendment
2 May 2015    Theft alert added to the NEWS section on the main page
Previous items moved to the archives
24 April 2015    Chat room application time out setting adjusted
18 April 2015    New section started on matched stamps with and without errors
9 April 2015    Director status updated following the board meeting
28 March 2015    Database strutures reset to make searching easier
Unused areas removed to allow for additional content
22 March 2015    Directors meeting attendance records table updated with all meeting dates
Meeting dates PDF updated so all members have a list of dates up to the next AGM
20 March 2015    All directors meeting attendance records check against the official copy of the records. Some minor alterations made and a single large table split in to years and archived with all other records

Archive links updated to allow all these files to be viewed
19 March 2015    Old directors meeting attendance records moved to archive

New directors attence records created from the 2015 AGM
18 March 2015    New director status added following the AGM

All ammendments to the constitution updated following the AGM
9 March 2015    Small updates to databases for general options used on the site
Total time spent working on site - 904.25 hours